I come from a long line of professional musicians!  My father was a working musician and on my mother's side (the Seamans side) I would be the 5th generation!

My Great Great Grandpa John Seamans and his Brother Ed Seamans

John Seamans began playing bass violin (contrabass/double bass) at age 14. He took music very seriously, sometimes practicing 10 hours a day. He became a prolific sight reader and an accomplished player.  He started playing with the B. A. Rose Orchestra throughout the Midwest. While attending a show by Thomas Q. Seabrook, a celebrated producer of musical comedies, John wandered on stage, saw a double bass, and played a few bars, Thomas hired him on the spot, and he spent years trooping with the Seabrook Opera Company.

Later John would take up brass instruments and join the National Guard 7th Regiment Band as a Bariton Horn player.  He served in the Spanish American war before falling ill and returning to Minnesota.

Throughout all of that, John somehow found time to also become a tenor vocalist of some reputation. First singing with the Andrews Opera Company and then in 1893 joining the Ideal Opera Company and set out on a tour to the east coast.  As they returned to the Midwest (after a long stint in Salt Lake City) preparing to perform in Nebraska, John got excited to see the Andrews Opera Company coming through town, to which his brother Ed was the tenor vocalist. Although, upon arrival he found that Ed (who was well known in most US cities for his roles in Operas) had left to run his own Opera Company, the Merrie Belle Opera Company. George Andrews had greeted John and offered him the Tenor role his brother had left.  John would stay with Ideal (he didn’t want to leave them on short notice) and would continue to sing with them until the late 1890’s when Vaudeville Started taking over as the popular form of entertainment.  He later settled back in Excelsior with his wife Sarah and continued to raise his family. He passed (on my birthdate) Feb 8th, 1940, and was remembered as a Loving family man and lover of music!

My great grandma and grandpa pearl and ade seamans

ade is the son of John

My grandpa Bill Seamans and his Brother John seamans

Both sons of ade

My Uncle Steve "Stymie" Seamans

Son of Bill

Me-I am Stymies nephew, Bills Grandson, Ades great-grandson and johns great great grandson